by Alex Redmond, Artisan Accounts


"Absolutely brilliant. This book sets out in plain English what opportunities are available and how to take advantage of them. A must read for any creative business!"


The rules and demands of business accounting, however, seem to do everything they can to restrict this freedom.

This book will raise awareness of some of the sources of help available to stop you getting into a mess or, if it’s too late for that, to get you out with your dreams still intact.


You don’t need to become an expert in tax breaks; but by knowing that they exist, you can make sure that your accountant works hard to get you the maximum benefit from your entitlements.


As you will see, there are government incentives to support the creative industries. So read the book, take action, and stop paying more tax than you should be.


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The Author

Alex Redmond is a London-based accountant who works with many innovative and creative businesses. And he loves it.


Alex started Artisan Accounts (originally Small Biz Accounts) in 2007 after some 20 years’ experience in design-led manufacturing industries. His aim was to enable smaller companies to take advantage of some of the financial analysis and planning techniques used by large innovative companies.